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Santa Claus came in all 3 Children’s Playgrounds Full of Presents and Fireworks

The 3 children’s playgrounds arranged by the City Hall in Obcini, Centru and Burdujeni have been officially inaugurated during this weekend. First to enjoy the gifts offered with the occasion have been the children in Obcini where during the day of the inauguration there has taken place a show with carols. And for the holiday to be a total success, the little ones that have filled the yard of the “Ion Creanga” Elementary School have had the great joy to meet Santa Claus who came especially to give them presents. Although winter is not here yet, it seems that the organizers have managed to bring the Christmas spirit with a show of carols and with Santa Claus. The manifestations on Friday in which the mayor, Marian Ionescu, took place, started with a show offered by the town’s City Hall, the Ana Foundation, together with the Juventus Association and the County Education Department brought in front of the children in Obcini with songs and carols, choirs and singers belonging to the Children’s and Pupils Palace from Suceava, the “Ion Creanga” Elementary School, the artistic band of the Ukrainian minority from Calinesti and Suceava, the minstrels of the German Forum. And in order to make the evening even more attractive, the organizers have given the children about 600 presents consisting in sweets, fruits and juice, as well as spectacular fireworks. Hundreds of children invaded the centre of the city on Saturday where the biggest playground opened for the children. Here Santa Claus also came full of presents for the ones that were there. They also saw a show to which children and singers from the Kindergarten No. 4, children’s foster home no.2, The Polish Union from Solonetu Nou, the “Picho Romana” Association from Gulia, Dolhasca, and the Children’s and Pupils Palace from Suceava, as well as pupils from the no.1 Elementary School. The presents given to the children by Santa Claus came from the City Hall together with the Ana Foundation and TRUST ORIZONT. All ended with beautiful fireworks. Santa also came to Burdujeni, where hundreds of children had gathered near the Saint Andrew Church around 4 p.m., waiting impatiently for Santa to come. Marian Ionescu, the mayor, also attended the event and had a short speech wishing to all the people from Suceava happy holidays, then handed the relay to the other organizers who made their best to warm up the atmosphere. On the stage, children from the 10th and 11th elementary school sang carols both in English and Romanian, but also danced on folk songs, making everybody laugh, even the rangers that secured the area. Due to the lack of snow, Santa came in a carriage instead of a sleigh, but even so, all the children were extremely pleased to see him. All the kids crowded to get to the presents Santa brought, while the parents were restless behind the protection fence; some wanted to keep an eye on the children, some to get them through the fence in order to avoid the ambush at the entrance. Thousands of children gathered around Santa and his red coat could no longer be seen while trying to give the presents. When he needed help, the “elves” came to help him, that is the organizers. Some children, more cunning, entered various times to get more presents the ones that they already hidden in their jackets or in their trousers or giving them to their parents. Other less smart stirred about the fence and Santa seeing the sadness in their eyes came to the fence and gave them presents. When the presents were over, there were still surprises because in the church’s yard beautiful fireworks started, that lit the sky for few minutes.