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Visoran Razvan needs money for a surgery in China

Visoran Razvan is a 2 year old little boy living in Doba. At the age of 8 months he was diagnosed with the Gregg syndrome. Unfortunately, he cannot speak, walk and does not see well. Recently he suffered a congenital cataract surgery.
The only way for him to become a healthy child is to have a cell transplant in Beijing, China on the 24th of September. This surgery costs 20.000 dollars. Razvan also needs a tympanum implant, this surgery also costing 23.000 euro.
Razvan’s parents don’t have all this money, and that is why they kindly ask the ones who can help them to contribute to their child’s recovery and health and to make donations in the account RO86RNCB0221072867320001 opened at BCR or to call 0040748.563.165.

Dear members of the ANA Foundation from Bistrita Nasaud
I am still small and I cannot speak, I haven’t learnt yet to speak, it is too early, but with your help I managed to raise my head and walk from the age of 3. With great sacrifices form all the people that stood by me, I went to China where the doctors implanted a few million stem cells in my head and back, and now I can walk.
This is the beginning of a long road which I managed to take thanks to you.
Unfortunately, I still cannot see or hear, but my dream is to see and hear my parents.
With this occasion I would like to thank all of you for the support offered and may God reward your kindness.

Razvan Visoran