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Santa Claus offered presents to all the hospitalized children

The boarding staff of the Pediatric Hospital from Bacau organized yesterday the celebration of the Christmas tree for the hospitalized children. The artistic program was held by children from hospitals that also enjoyed Santa’s presence at their event. Their happiness, expressed through songs and traditional dances, was transmitted to the little ones as well as to the shy ones who didn’t have the courage to enter and take part in the program. All the children were excited about the Christmas tree and about the presents they received from Santa. They sang carols and hailed the people present at the event, then, the children, parents, nurses and all the medical staff made an amazing moment in the end: they all sang “Happy Birthday"!. A young mother, Ana Maria Moglan, excited to tears, said: I am really amazed. I never thought that I would see a smile on my child’s face while being in hospital. I was worried that this year, for Christmas, my 2 year old boy Raul will not see Santa, whom he loves very much. I want to thank the boarding staff for this initiative and all the people who contributed with generosity to this event. The hall of the second floor became overcrowded. The joy of these children also meant satisfaction for the medical staff, which succeeded this year in helping to bring back the smile on the children’s faces". 90 hospitalized children enjoyed this event. I truly regret that in this period, we also have 20 children hospitalized in the Anesthesia Intensive Therapy section, but we have presents for them, too. The celebration of the Christmas tree was also held in the Pediatric Surgery section.