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Teenager's Day 2003

The project “Together for Suceava", initiated by the “Ana" Foundation and the Juventus Association, started on Sunday, with the occasion of Teenager’s Day. The project has as main objectives: the promotion of the young values from Suceava, the growth of the civil society’s role within the spiritual life of Suceava, giving the disabled youngsters the chance to make themselves heard and known, the unfolding of some cultural manifestations, creating an alternative to spend the spare time, the growth of the NGOs’ credibility among the local authorities and citizens, as well as creating an efficient partnership with all the institutions and organizations which have the same objective. The ones that collaborated in this event were: the County Council, the City Hall, the FARGO Agency, the Security and Protection Firm EKIPA and the Youth Foundation.
The project “Together for Suceava" is financed by the Youth and Sports Ministry, through the County Youth and Sports Department. The first action within the project was a show held by artists from Suceava, on the stage in front of the Cultural House. For two hours, around 1.000 youngsters were anxious to find out who will win the “Miss Adolescence" contest and applauded the music, dance, theatre and art manifestations presented during the show. The tests from the Miss contest were the delight of the public. Cristi Catea from the FARGO Modeling Agency presented an amazing fashion parade for teenagers. The bands Help, Intensiv, Agresione and Cornel Anghelescu with Alina Babeanu were also present on stage. There was music for everyone: dance, pop, rock and folk. Not only had the artists amazed the public, but the presenters of the show also delighted the people in the crowd: Catalina Balaceanu and the president of the Juventus Association, Cornel Grosaru. After a two hour competition, the title of “Miss Adolescence" was won by Cristina Mihailescu, a pupil from School No.10 Suceava.