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Suceava's Days

Suceava’s Days started despite the bad weather and the rain. Although the weather was bad and very few people attended, the official opening of the holidays of Suceava’s Days was made on Saturday. With this occasion the mayor of Suceava, Marian Ionescu, has given diplomas and awards to the 29 honorable citizens of Suceava and over 50 students that took part in the school Olympics. Master Ion Irimescu, Maria Draga Rozopol and professor Ioan Nemes have been awarded and paid homage to. The local authorities have also declared post mortem honorable citizens of Suceava the professors: Romul Vancea, Florin Gheorghe Iancu and Doina Maria Robu. The holiday continued in the afternoon of the same day in front of the Cultural House with a music and slow dance show, held by the "Sinteze" Literary Circle, the "Juventus" Association and the "Ana" Foundation. Dozens of people from Suceava had fun, despite the bad weather conditions, on the terrace in front of the cultural house, accompanied by the music of Alexandru Recolciuc and Vali Isopescu. The day ended with the concert of the "Desperado" band, who managed to warm up the spectators in the public. The program of the events dedicated to Suceava’s Days continued yesterday, too, with the inauguration of "The Fair of the Popular Craftsmen", where many artists from Suceava, Balaceana, Falticeni, Vicov, Pascani and Manastirea Humorului could exhibit their works. The visitors could admire and buy icons painted on wood, stone or egg shells, figurines, little crosses and spoons made from wood, painted eggs and so on. Most of the artists say that they came to this event in every year, as here they came prove their artistic craft to the public. One of the attraction points of this fair was the presence of two artists from Vicov and Pascani, who exhibited icons painted on egg shells. The creation of these works of art means a very hard work, which the young artists acquired in time. One of the most interesting works was the icon painted with leaf gold on an ostrich’s egg. The fair also offered the visitors the possibility to admire the beauty of traditional costumes from Bucovina, made by an artist from the Humor Monastery. The art of sewing traditional costumes, passed from generation to generation, could be noticed at the folk shirts, hand neckerchiefs and different towels. The county stage of the first edition of the Festival – choreographic music contest "Romanian soul treasures" took place in this rustic atmosphere. The Festival gathered altogether folk music orchestras, fanfares, folk dances groups, vocal instrumental groups, folk ensembles, vocalists and instrumentalists from Bilca, Bogdanesti, Botosana, Calafindesti, Cornu Luncii, Dolhasca, Dorna Candreni, Corlata, Dumbraveni, Fîntînele, Forasti, Granicesti, Horodnic, Iaslovat, Negostina, the Humor Monastery, Hîrtop, Rîsca, Siminicea, Zaharesti, Falticeni, Gura Humorului, Radauti, Siret and Vatra Dornei. The event, organized by the County Council Suceava, in collaboration with the County Department for Valuing and Keeping the Traditional Creation, the City Hall from Suceava and the Cultural House, aroused the interest of the public, who came in great number at this celebration of the traditional songs and dances. Like any event that brings altogether many visitors, Suceava’s Days aroused the interest of the commercialists, who didn’t miss their chance to gain some extra money. Thereafter, the park near the Cultural House became like a small market from where you can buy all sorts of things, from cups, to pots and other things, like: sun glasses, jewelry, balloons and toys. Here, we could also discover a few paintings from an artist from Botosani. “The icons and landscapes, the paintings on stone, wood and even on silk attract the visitors’ sights, but very few have the financial possibility to buy them", said the artist disappointed.
The second day of Suceava’s Days ended with a dance and slow music show held by the artists from our city. The events will continue today, too, with a seminar on the theme "Writers from Bucovina from the inter-war period" and an exposition with religious books, which will take place in the county library "I.G. Sbierea". At 10 a.m., in front of the cultural House, the Fair "Expo - Aliment Bucovina 2003" will open its “gates", and at 2 p.m., the organizers will unfold an art exposition with the theme "Suceava". The penultimate day of the events dedicated to Suceava’s Days will end with the concerts of: Class, Zdob and Zdub and Vank, on the Areni Stadium, which will begin at 8 p.m.