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"Ana" counted its freshmen

Hundreds of children gathered on Saturday afternoon in the county park from Suceava in order to take part in the 4th edition of the festival dedicated to them, called “The Fall of the Freshmen", organized by the Charity and Mutual Aid Foundation “Ana". Hearing about the surprises that are waiting for them, children of all ages gathered at the event, with or without their parents, to watch the show presented by the organizers, but also to take part in the tombola during the breaks of the show, the prizes being above their expectancies. In the opening of the festival, the representatives of the institutions that helped the foundation at organizing the event, the City Hall from Bistriţa, the Cultural House “George Coşbuc", the newspaper “Răsunetul", as well as the president of the “Ana" Foundation, wished the children good luck in their new school year and then started the “countdown".
“In a happy and colorful environment", quoting vice mayor Cornel Ilieşi, the juniors of the “BN-Rhythm" modern dance ensemble “broke the ice", starting the cultural-artistic show. Interrupted by the drawing of the winning lots from the “box of prizes", the program went on with the performance of some folk songs interpreted by the little singers from the “Doiniţa" folk group within the Military Department, with a mini-concert of the vocal group “Cosânzeana" from the “Saint Mary" Arts and Crafts School and with other young folk music talents from Beclean, Năsăud, Salva, Suceava, as well as from the Music Highschool from the town.
As expected, the freshmen couldn’t be counted without also choosing a beauty queen. So, 13 girls aged between 8 and 16 competed against one another in fashion and artistic tests in front of the public and the jury that was made up of representatives of the local authorities, press and beauty departments. After the 3 tests prepared for the beautiful girls, Andreea Mocan, a student from the “Liviu Rebreanu" National College, was chosen the winner of Miss “The Fall of the Freshmen". None of the other contestants that didn’t win left the competition bare-handed. They each received prizes: money, clothes, cosmetics or beauty saloon and fitness tickets.

As a charity foundation that has as main aim the helping of the ill and disabled children, the “Ana" Foundation took care that every child that walked through the park during this event would receive a pack of sweets. These kind of events will not stop here, the “Ana" Foundation preparing events every year for the presents’ month, December, when a Christmas carol contest will be organized, contest called “Receive us, host, in your house!" and “Waiting for Santa Claus", when Santa will bring presents to the people and children in need.