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At Suceviţa
Again under the sign on the Movilesti

The series of events organized this year at Suceviţa under the title “Suceviţa 400 under the scepter of the Movilesti" continues these days, too (the 1st- the 3rd of September) with a new stage. Through these events, mayor Ioan Onufrei had in view to attract more and more tourists, using as brand the famous name of the Movileşti (name related to the history of that region, to Lord Ieremia Movilă, the founder of the Sucevita Monastery, – from whose death today are 4 centuries. Starting in May (when the project began its activities), when many cultural actions began and when the second stage of contests, expositions and artistic shows opened, the events from these days have as main event the “Expoaliment Montan" Festival. Many local authorities helped at the organizing of this event: the City Hall and Local Council from Suceviţa, the Commerce Department, the Industry and Agriculture Department and the Prefecture from Suceava, having as partners the County Council, the “Ana" Foundation and the “Juventus" Association.
Thereafter, starting from tomorrow at 3 p.m., the grand opening of the “Expoaliment Montan" Festival will be celebrated, under the title “The Harvest of the Forest". Until Sunday evening, at Suceviţa, many food and taste contests will be organized, as well as a seminar on “Ecologic Food in the context of the European adhesion" and a series of outside performances, in which many loved singers will participate. If Pamfil Roată and Ştefan Diaconiţa, as well as the “Cetina" Ensemble, and the “H’ora" and “D’or" bands were all present on stage on Saturday, other “names" will be at the event on Sunday: the vocal group “Tradition Keepers" from Marginea, the singers Narcisa Tcaciuc, Alexandru Recolciuc, Ionela Popescu, Cătălin Brăteanu, Angela Rusu and the “Etno" band.
The series of events will continue in September, too, with the 4th edition (the 14th- the 15th of September), when the seminar "Movileşti – reigning family with European looks" will be organized (the theme of the seminar is “The vesper bell, element of Romanian identity and the bond between past, present and future"), as well as a religious vesper bell music festival
Anyway, Suceviţa will remain under the sign of the Movileşti for the entire year, because the Winter Traditions Festival “St. Stephen" will open its “gates" on the 27th and the 28th of December.