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“Suceviţa 400 under the scepter of the Movilesti", celebration at which hundreds of people participated

The event began with a Te Deum and with the blessing of Father IPS Pimen and continued with a symposium and an outside show, in open air.

• The hospitality of the natives from Bucovina didn’t remain unnoticed at this celebration in Suceviţa, where the organizers offered the visitors and tourists a traditional meal, with food specific to that region.

• “Suceviţa 400 under the scepter of the Movilesti" ended yesterday with a dinner at Casa Avram

Hundreds of people from all over the country came to Suceviţa, the place where the first edition of the festival “Suceviţa 400 under the scepter of the Movilesti" took place. Using as brand the name of the Movileşti, the mayor of Suceviţa, Ioan Onufrei, organized this event with the partnership of the County Council, the Prefecture from Suceava, the “Ana" Foundation, the “Juventus" Association, the Tourism and Rural Development Association from the village, as well as with the “Bucovina" Tourism Agency, and the main objectives were: "to celebrate Suceviţa Monastery’s founder, Ieremia Movilă, from whose death today are 400 years, but also to value the tourist potential of the region, to attract as many visitors as possible, more exactly, to promote Suceviţa and the Movileşti brand", as the mayor stated.
The event, which lasted for 2 days, started with a Te Deum and with the blessing of Father IPS Pimen and continued with the symposium “Ieremia Movilă. The Lord. The Family. The epoch.", many prestige historians and archeologists taking part in this action. Besides the cultural artistic manifestations unfolded at the monastery , Suceviţa was also the place where the visitors had the chance to participate in the shows presented by the “Flori de Sânziene" Ensemble from Zahareşti, the Fanfare from Fântânele, the Folkloric Group “Cetina" from Suceviţa and the “Crai Nou" Ensemble from Frasin. The show also hosted many bands and singers, such as: Rekord and Pro Music, Alexandru Recolciuc and Cristian Munteanu, and the most famous folk singer of Bucovina, Sofia Vicoveanca. Cornel Grosaru, the president of the “Juventus" Association and one of this event’s organizers, declared that “the shows took place on a modern stage, with sound and light of European value and quality, which motivated the ones who got up on stage". The hospitality of the people from Bucovina didn’t remain unnoticed at his celebration, the organizers offering the visitors a traditional Romanian meal.

• Suceviţa didn’t stop its celebrations. During the following months, Suceviţa’s Days and the Forest Fruits Festival will be organized, too.

“Suceviţa 400 under the scepter of the Movilesti" ended with a festive dinner at Casa Avram, where all the organizers, guests and artists of this event were invited. Almost 100 guests were present at this dinner, event organized by the host of this pension, Frida Elena Avram. The traditional delicious food from Bucovina was prepared for all the guests. Even if the first part of these manifestations closed, Suceviţa didn’t end its festive events. In a short while, in the following months, the events will continue with sports contests, fashion parades with medieval clothes and tricks, and in August, with a Forest Fruits Festival, organized here for the first time. “Suceviţa has an extraordinary tourist potential. One can find here over 800 rooms to rent and 2000 places where one can eat traditional food. We also have important tourist monuments, we have the monastery, and the target of the festival was to promote Sucevita as a tourist destination and the Movileşti brand", declared mayor Ioan Onufrei.