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Suceava – model of interethnic cohabitation

Suceava remarked itself as a real centre of ethnic cohabitation through the events from Friday night, in the No Limit Restaurant, where the Ukrainian Evening took place, event organized within the Interethnic Bucovina Club.
The third edition of this event was organized at national and international level, having guests from all over the country and even from abroad. Ukrainians from Maramureş, Hungarians from Topliţa, Gypsies from Botoşani, Italians from Câmpulung Muscel, Braşov and Bucharest, as well as guests from Poland, Ukraine and the Moldavian Republic were present at this manifestation.
The surprise of this edition was the fact that every ethnic team came with their own manifestation program, which facilitated the reciprocal knowledge of their traditional values.
The Ukrainian evening was marked by the decision of the two leaders, Dumitru Morhan – UDUR and Ioan Bodnar – UUR, to leave behind any misunderstandings and prejudices in order to help each other in organizing and promoting their ethnics’ cultural values.
At the event, many deputies were present: Mircea Grosaru, Ghervazie Longhern, the representative of the “Sports for All" Federation– Grigore Leşcu, the manager of the Sports Department Suceava, Mihai Androhovici, Vasile Bilius and Viorel Seredenciuc – the representatives of the City Hall and of the Local Council Suceava, the main sponsors of the project, and Carmen Agoutin and Cătălin Nechifor from the County Council.
Mihai Cobziuc was also among the ones who contributed to this event’s success, presenting a wide variety of songs belonging to the ethnics from Bucovina, together with the folk singer Alexandru Recolciuc, cartoonist Sorin Ursan Delaclit, as well as special guests from Maramureş.
The organizers of the manifestations, Cornel Grosaru and Nelu Todireanu, from the Juventus Association and the “Ana" Foundation, said that the event will continue during this year. The participants declared that Suceava is on the top of interethnic cohabitation and communication models.