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Incendiary performance on Europe’s Day

Thousands of people of all ages from Suceava defied yesterday the cold and the rain in order to take part in the show organized, with the occasion of the 9th of May, by the City Hall and the Local Council Suceava in collaboration with the “Juventus" Association and the “Ana" Foundation, the Interethnic Club, the Youth Centre, as well as the Young Students’ Association. The show started at 1 p.m., the organizers proving once again that Bukovina is a multicultural space. Our living model, in its diversity, was present during all the organized events. On the stage from the centre of the town, there performed artists from Suceava, as well as special guests, such as: the Balada Ensemble, led by George Sîrbu, cultural ambaĂdors of the Polish and Ukrainian ethnies, the Solonczanka and Kolomeika Ensembles, under the guidance of depute Ghervazen Longher and, respectively, the president of the Ukrainian Union from Romania – the Bukovina region, professor Ioan Bodnar. The members of the Artistic Ensemble “Ciprian Porumbescu" were also present. The band “Atac de Cord" from Cernauţi-Ukraine greeted the city of Suceava, twinned with the city of Cernăuţi, taking part in our celebration. The performance of the band “Atac de cord" was very much appreciated, especially by the young people. The Italian Community was also appreciated, Rafael singing the hymn “Together in a United Europe". The blonde disputed artist was extremely liked and applauded, especially by the young ladies.

“Happy Birthday for Mihai from Akcent"

At 8 p.m., the band members from Akcent got on stage. For more than 40 minutes they sang Romanian and English songs. The audience, among which the mayor Ion Lungu was also present, hidden under hundreds of umbrellas, sang together with the favorite band. The surprises were on both sides. Mihai, the member of the band “Akcent" celebrated yesterday his birthday. So, the audience from Suceava, at the impulse of Cornel Grosar, the president of the “Juventus" Association, sang “Happy Birthday" to him. The young man confessed that he didn’t expect such a surprise from the audience, and that he also didn’t think that so many people will come to their concert, regarding the fact that the weather was rainy and bad.

“Let me show you what we, girls, have to do: drive boys crazy"

The concert given by the artist Nicoleta Luciu was amazing, even though there is a gossip in the show biz that she is invited to concerts only due to her beauty, and not to her voice. The artist, famous for her big breast, arrived later at the concert, worrying the organizers. Before going up on stage, the artist threw her gums and her sweater, remaining dressed with only a very short, black skirt on. To fill the stage, because she came without her dancers, the “diva" invited on stage young people from the audience, boys and girls, to dance with her. Nicoleta Luciu was applauded by the public from Suceava for her provocative moves together with 2 young people “picked up" from the audience. The best moment was that in which the artist said to the girls in the crowd: “Let me show you what we, girls, have to do: drive boys crazy".

D.J. Fred Acler, from Sweden, special guest at the “Europe’s Day" event

The Show moved afterwards in the “Arena" Club, where the special guest of the night was D.J Fred Acler, from Sweden. Together with the best DJs from Suceava, the Swedish guest proved to be a professional in a music field where, in our country, there are only few progresses made, step by step. The evening ended with wonderful fireworks.