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Over 50 children received presents from the “Monitorul de Suceava" Newspaper and from the “Ana" Foundation

•For their birthday, these children enjoyed packs of sweets and school materials

• Many of these children belong to numerous families, with huge administrative debts, and who didn’t expect someone to offer them a present for the 1st of June.

Over 50 children coming from families with few opportunities received yesterday, on the 1st of June, presents from the “Monitorul de Suceava" newspaper and from the “Ana" Foundation. The presents were full of sweets offered by S.C. "Nicola SEB" SRL from Adâncata, and stuff and books for school, from the “Alexandria" Bookshop. Betty Ice also took part in this event, offering every child that was visited by the team of the “Monitorul de Suceava" newspaper a free ticket with which they could eat an icecream between the 1st-the 10th of June, in the centre of the town. The joy of the team that took the presents to the children’s homes was even greater, as the little ones didn’t expect their visit. Coming from poor families, they didn’t expect to receive presents from someone on the 1st of June. We met some children, from the Burdujeni Headquarters, who lived in conditions hard to imagine. In an 11 meters room there lived 3 children together with their parents. Their only income was the allocation of the children and the social money given by the City Hall. The father and 2 of the children were suffering from asthma, disease caused mainly by the dampness from the very small room in which they live. A few floors up, in the same building, we met a family made up of a mother and 5 children (the mother got divorced because of the repeated domestic violence and bad treatment coming from her husband). The youngest child is 14 years old and the elder is 17. Together with their mother they are trying to survive only with the money from their allocations.
Another mother with 11 children complained to us that she has administrative debts of 32 millions lei, and that she is no longer handling the situation. A part of the children were at home and received with great joy the presents we offered. The other brothers were at school during our visit, but we left their presents to the family for them to receive when they get back home.