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Together, for Suceava

A campaign that plans to rebirth the youth from Suceava
The organizations drew their attention back on the youth from Suceava. They believe that the youngsters have the power to build something valuable for them. The "Ana" Foundation, together with the “Juventus" Association and the partners within this action, launched the project “Together for Suceava". The event will unfold during the 10th of May and the 31st of December 2003. The project will be easy to implement if there is some understanding from behalf the local and county authorities (whose support we got). “Together for Suceava" is in fact a continuation of the collaboration between the “Juventus" Association and the “Ana" Foundation, collaboration that started last year. The project aims at getting an over 35 millions lei financing and will start its activities on the 10th of May with the event “Teenager’s Day" in Falticeni. “The project is not a premiere, but a continuation of what started on the 1st of June 2002", declared Cornel Grosaru, the president of the Juventus Association, “but now we are strictly referring to the most disabled social group of our city, that is, the youth, who represent the future of our country “. “Through the actions unfolded during the project, we will try to promote the values from Suceava, for Suceava. We will also organize a “New Year’s Eve with the youth for the youth", thing that has never been organized before in Bucovina, trying to change the mentality of the citizens regarding the celebration of one of the most important nights of the year" – added the president of the “Ana" Foundation, Mr. Nelu Todireanu.