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Ro-mania and D’Or made the Burdujeni Headquarters resound on ethno rhythms

Thousands of people from Suceava sang and danced for hours and hours accompanied by folk singers and the 2 ethno bands that “burned their feet" and brought into their souls nostalgic lines, gathered from the Romanian folklore.
The biggest headquarter from Suceava danced yesterday on ethno rhythms, and lines from the Romanian folklore could be heard by thousands of people that gathered on Monday evening in front of the Burdujeni market, to take part in the last events dedicated to them, with the occasion of the Suceava’s Days’ Celebration.
The second fun evening for the people living in Burdujeni was as good as the first evening, the organizers bringing very popular bands that have a great success with the audience from Suceava.
In the beginning, from 4 P.M., folk singers from Suceava appeared on the stage, as well as talented members of the “Ciprian Porumbescu" Ensemble, who delighted the audience with beautiful original folk songs.
Disco music was also “present" at this celebration. Up on the stage, the following bands sang: Intensiv, I-Dentik and Cool Ice, as well as Cristian Munteanu, the singer who performed before the two special guests, the 2 blondes from the D’Or band.
The 2 young ethno singers were so admired by the audience singing their songs with great national folk influence, that, in a short while, the youngest participants were already charmed by their voices and grace.
While the sun set over their blonde hair, hundreds of arms were raised in the air, in the rhythm of their ethno songs, while other participants gathered their hands in a Romanian round dance in front of the scene.
Once they left the stage, the 2 young singers were surrounded by dozens of fans, eager to get their smiles and autographs on notebooks or on their yellow scarves, offered by the City Hall, and having the following inscription on them: “Suceava’s Days".
If during the first night of concerts, on the stage from Burdujeni there performed a band, Desperado, that participated in the Eurovision International Contest, the thousands of people that were present on Monday evening at the performance offered by the City Hall from Suceava and organized by the “Juventus" Association and the “Ana" Foundation were surprised and happy to meet another noble presence of the Romanian music – the Ro-mania band, that also took part this year in the Eurovision International Contest.
The 3 young men from the band caught the admiration and souls of many girls and were welcomed with screams of joy by the participants in the show, who, for almost one hour, sang together with the band their most famous old songs, and also their recent ones. They all danced on the lines: "Pam-pam, pamparam, pamparam", their voices were united singing: – “Let me drink/ drink until I die/ My heart is crying/ And it is full of longing!".
The 3 young men from Ro-mania danced and sang with passion, while their feet strongly “moved" on the stage.
Overwhelmed with the dancing and with the audience’s reaction, two of the singers “pushed" the third singer into the arms of the audience, most of them being girls, who just covered his body. Taken from the arms of the girls by the bodyguards, the singer from Ro-mania went back on the stage, where, together with his troupe colleagues had to come back again on stage twice, at the request of the public. The fun was over after midnight, even if many of the present ones wished for the show to continue, despite the fact that the next day they had to go to work.