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The Press Cup at Fishing


Dozens of journalists from Suceava gathered on Saturday afternoon on the shores of the lake administered by SC PESCOLIV SRL Fălticeni in order to take part in an attractive competition: the first edition of “The Press Cup at Fishing".
Getting there at about 5 p.m., each contestant tried to get the best place for fishing, using the best fishing rod and throwing the “bait" as deep as possible in order to catch the biggest carps. The contest from Fălticeni “promised" the contestants many carps, but unfortunately the journalists missed their training at fishing. The organizers (SC PESCOLIV SRL, the Ana Foundation, the Sports Department from Suceava, the Juventus Association and the sponsor of the competition – Highschool No. 1 Suceava) didn’t impose strict rules, considering that the contest is mainly a place where the “rivals" can meet (we are talking about the journalists, of course!), but also a place where all of them could have fun, especially the ones less familiarized with fishing and with “deep" waters. The best “fisherwoman" was Oana Şlemco, from the “Crai Nou" newspaper, who, as it is said, had the “beginner’s luck" and caught a quite big pike.
Every contestant was pleased to answer the invitation to this event, especially that the best part was a copious meal with fish soup, fish souse, barbeque with fish and garlig, or – for the ones who “had a row" with the fish, who didn’t like eating fish – little drumsticks also made on the grill.