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Unity in diversity – the main characteristic of the European Youth Week

The 9th edition of the European Youth Week from Suceava offered the youth many opportunities to distinguish themselves, to spend their spare time, to work in teams and to make partnerships. During many days, the youth could benefit from the project “The White Night" organized in the Shock Disco by the National Youth Authority. The special guest was the well known DJ from Sicilia- Rosario Internillo. Over 1000 young people had a great time at this amazing event, the dominant elements being the rhythm and the good mood.

Other 100 young people gathered at the Theatre Club, which was founded in April, with the occasion of the Theatre Festival. Here they were trained by professional actresses in diction, re-telling and adapting the movement to the text workshops, discovering the joy of artistic expression, communication and non-formal education. The T Club project also included the Short Film and Photography Festival, at which hundreds of teenagers from Suceava (Siret, Câmpulung Moldovenesc, Fălticeni, Rădăuţi, Gura Humorului, Suceava) sent their CDs, the best of which were watched and awarded in Club 60, in the presence of the ministry of Education and Research, Mr. Cristian Adomniţei. Fifteen movies and 46 photos (selected from over 2000) could be previewed at this event, the winners being: Andrei Cercel, for the section “Europe at Suceava", NC "Petru Rareş", with “I am Slovenia", and Tudor Aursulesei, as well as School No 1 Suceava, at the photography section.

Another project presented within the European Youth Week was “Values from Suceava", during which some teenagers keen on poetry brought on the market the book entitled “Turnătorii", rock artists from the bands “Shadow Song" and “Piatra" performed on stage in front of the numerous fans from the Vox Disco, and some of the best DJs from Suceava offered a great show in Club Arena, proving once more the high level reached by the electronic music in Suceava, thing also noticed by the special guest from Pitesti, DJ Gaby Marian.

Another important aspect was the constant presence of the youth’s mayor, together with a group of counselors from the Local Council of Youth and Students, at the organizing and unfolding of the events. They had the chance to meet the representatives of the local administration and of other institutions, during a relaxing and full of good mood event: the European Pizza Party; they made up teams which collaborated in making pizza on different themes of general interest, such as: corruption, discrimination, unity in diversity, tolerance, and the special moments offered by the two brothers Florin and Claudiu Toader from Bucharest were the greatest surprise of the evening.

The seminar on the theme "Violence in school" reunited the representatives of the students, together with the ones from the police, the military, the community police and the civil society and succeeded in creating a relaxing mood, laying the basis of a partnership on this phenomenon (violence in school).

The sportive section of the event was the Youth Week’s Cup at football in high schools, basketball (both at girls and at boys), handball (both at girls and at boys); hundreds of other young people also took part in this event, choosing sports as a way of spending their spare time.

The Local Council Suceava, the City Hall from Suceava, the County Council , the County School Department, the Museum Complex Bucovina, the National Youth Authority, the Youth Department, the Sports County Department, the Ana Foundation and the Juventus Association all gave a hand at organizing these successful events.