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The 4th edition of the Continental Top


On Friday night, the Continental Hotel “Arcaşul" from Suceava offered prizes to its best collaborators and employees, during the 4th edition of the "Continental Top ".

Many guests, local officials, institution chiefs and commercial society managers took part in the cocktail offered by the hotel.

As expected, the reception began with awarding the most valuable employees, the prizes being offered by manager George Moisescu himself.

The 1st place went to the maitre d'hotel, Mihaela Dranca, nominated as the employee of the year 2007 from the Continental Hotel “Arcaşul" Suceava. She who was also awarded with the 3rd place at the contest Maître d’Hotel, organized at Snagov, and also with the 2nd place at the competition for the best waitress.

Best partners

The 2nd place went to Cornelia Pătrăuceanu from the Accounting Department and the 3rd place went to the cook Laura Glucovschi, whose craftsmanship in cookery helped her at creating a varied menu, which was served to the guests of this event during the entire night.

All the 3 employees were rewarded, for their excellent activity which they unfolded during the year, with prizes consisting in money and books.

At the category “Best Partners" the 1st place went to the Tarom Company for the 2nd time in a row. The company was represented at the event by manager Rodica Ţurcanu.

The 2nd place went to the manager of the glass factory from Fălticeni, Mr. Dragoş Gheorghe, and the 3rd place went to the “Ana" Foundation from Suceava, represented by president Nelu Todireanu

Present for the end of the year

At the Continental Top 2007, another new prize was offered for the best collaboration to the Company Selgros, present at this event through Carmen Drenea. A different prize, which the organizers did not know how to name it: a consolation or fidelity prize, went to journalist Mihai Chira.
"Through this event we want to thank our clients, with the view to create new partnerships, a reciprocal business. We give prizes to our best collaborators, who, through the activities they unfolded during the entire year, booked most of the rooms here in our hotel. This event is meant to be our present for them, an opportunity when we can drink a glass of champagne all together", said Loredana Pitic, the marketing manager of the Continental Hotel “Arcaşul" from Suceava.