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The "Bucovina" Theatre Festival had awarded its winners

The "Bucovina" Theatre Festival, the 2nd edition, had awarded its winners on Saturday, the 9th of May, at Dom Polski. The participants had to prepare for two sections: individual interpretation (monologue) and group (theatre troupes).

The individual interpretation contest brought on stage 13 talented youngsters, each of them trying to convince the jury (the president of the jury was the actress Gabriela Ioniţă) that they choose the right text, that they can interpret it as natural as possible, that they have charisma and the talent of a true experienced actor. Three of these youngsters were awarded: George Serediuc – 1st place and a prize of 500 lei, Marcu Octavian Florea, nicknamed Marc, 2nd place and a prize of 300 lei, Andrei Cercel – 3rd place and a prize of 100 lei.

At the second section, group interpretation, the competition was greater. Sixteen troops competed against each other for the huge prize of 1.000 lei, each of them having 15 minutes at their disposal to prove that they are the best. This year, a new troupe from Bacau entered the contest.

The "Bing Bang" Troupe, the 1st prize

The "Bing Bang" was awarded the prize of the best troupe, being made up of pupils and students from Suceava. They also received the prize offered by the organizers, prize consisting in 1.000 lei.

The 2nd place went to the troupe Moon Shrill, who received 400 lei, and the 3rd place went to the troupe "AdiMarc", who received 200 lei from the organizers.

The jury also offered two special prizes to the troupes "In the Spot" from Bacău and "Alter Ego" from Suceava, which received 200 lei each.

The "Bucovina" Theatre Festival will also continue with two other sections, in which the young artists will be trained during workshops, under the guidance of some professional actors.

During the last stage of the festival, the Festival’s Awarding Ceremony will take place on the 30th of May, having as special guest the Troupe "TIMING" from Bucharest.

The actress Gabriela Ioniţă stated that she was amazed and enthusiastic about the way in which the youngsters preformed on stage and, at the end of the festival, she gave some pieces of advice and offered some acting “tricks" to each troupe.

Gabriela Ioniţă also mentioned that Suceava has many valuable and talented youngsters, and that most of the “actors" could easily attend the courses of the Theatre University.

Theatre is needed in Suceava

The organizers of this event are the Local Council and the City Hall from Suceava, in partnership with The "Ana" Foundation and the "Juventus" Association.

The president of The "Juventus" Association, Cornel Grosar, declared that this year’s edition of the Theatre Festival gathered a great number of theatre lovers, both on stage and in the theatre hall, which means that this event is starting to become more and more famous and tends to become a tradition, an emblem of our city.

"Suceava needs theatre, because there are many talented youngsters who want to perform on stage and a theatre hall in which they can rehearse their plays. We broke the ice last year, when we began this festival. We would like to thank the Local Council and the City Hall for the fact that for the last 3 years they have helped and supported the development of the theatre phenomenon in Suceava", added Cornel Grosar.