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About us

The “ANA” Foundation started its activity in April 2001, having as main purpose the helping of all the ill, disabled children. Since then and until now the sum of the donations outnumbers 1,5 billions lei. Besides this sum, there were also food, clothing and medical donations. We also offered many pupils support in their studies. During the holidays (Easter, Christmas, the 1st of June) we offered the children from foster homes, and not only, presents, such as: toys, sweets and clothing. We are collaborating with the social service department from all the important towns of the county and of the country. At present, the foundation has offices in Baia Mare, Bistrita and Bacau and we will also establish offices in all the important towns all over the country.
On the 1st of June 2002 we had many meetings and events in front of the Cultural House where we offered over 300 presents to the children from Suceava and we also organized a show dedicated to them.
On the 24th of June we collaborated with the City Hall in order to organize the activities dedicated to Suceava’s Days.
On the 17th of December, together with the “CRAI NOU” Newspaper, we brought to market a tape and a CD called: “Gift for the soul – Values from Suceava”.
On the 20th of December, together with the City Hall, we organized cultural events dedicated to the opening of the Children’ s Little Town from the Burdujeni headquarters and from the center of the town, offering over 1000 presents to the children.
On the 11th of May 2003 we organized Teenager’s Day, in the event taking part over 1000 young people.
On the 31st of May, at Vatra Dornei, we organized events on Child’s Day, where we offered over 400 presents.
On the 1st of June, at Suceava, we organized events on Child’s Day, where we offered over 600 presents.
On the 22nd -24th of June, together with the City Hall we organized events dedicated to the youngsters, during Suceava’s Days. Over 4000 young people participated in this event.
The 10th of October 2003 –HARA Concert –Suceava
The 20th of September – Bistrita – “The Fall of the Freshmen”, events dedicated to the beginning of the school year (presents, surprises, Miss Fall of the Freshmen, Shows) with over 2.000 participants, both children and teenagers.
The 27th of November- Suceava - „Bucovinean” Evening – event that brought together the representatives of all ethnies living in this region.
The 06th of December- Bistrita- the CD “Child with serene eyes” was brought on market, CD that contains many Christmas carols Ardeal, interpreted by the children ensemble “Doinita” of the Military Department from Bistrita.
The 06th of December- Suceava – Santa Nicholas visited the day care center for eldery people within the Archiepiscopacy of Suceava and Radauti
The 06th of December- Valea Mare, the Rosiori Village, Bacau County- Santa Nicholas offered presents to all the 85 children in that region
The 17th -22nd of December- Suceava- together with the City Hall from Suceava we opened the Children’s Little Towns from the “Obcini”, Centru and ”Burdujeni” Headquarters and we offered over 2000 presents to all the children
The 31st of December- the “Maraton “Club- the Youth’s New Year’s Eve.
The 25th of February 2004- the Cup of the Interethnic Club
For the Easter Holidays we offered food to many families from Suceava.
The 7th -9th of May- Events dedicated to Europe’s Day- Shows, Concerts, Exhibitions and symposiums.
The 16th of May- The House of Culture- The Performance « Miss Adolescence » Over 1000 young participants.
The 29th of May- Bacau- Events dedicated to Child’s Day- over 1000 children participated and over 300 presents were offered.
The 30th of May- Suceava- Events dedicated to Child’s Day- 3000 children participated and 500 presents were offered.
The 25th of July– the 4th of August- The Summer University: The School of the Second Chance- ANSIT and the Education and Research Ministry, the training « Fund Raising »
The 5th of August- Bistrita- Interethnic Festival with the participation of all the ethnies around Bistrita. Costumes Exhibitions, Artistic Events, Cookery exhibitions, symposium.
The 20th –the 25th of August- Suceava-Zugreni, International seminar "Bucovina,Local,Regional, European », project financed by ANSIT ,agency that deals with European funds through the YOUTH Program .The grant value was: 19.500 Euro. At this seminar may young people participated, from different NGOs from: Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and the Moldavian Republic. The project was a great success and laid down the base of a real collaboration between these partners.
The 25th of August- Bistrita- « The Fall of the Freshmen » Events dedicated to the opening of the school year, over 500 presents were offered to the children and teenagers from Bistrita
The 15th –the 21st of November- « The European Youth Week » Suceava 2004
The 5th of December- Baia Mare- « Santa Claus is coming»- events dedicated to children –show and presents offered by Santa Nicholas to almost 800 children.
The 6th of December- Suceava- Santa Nicholas offered presents to the children from the pediatric section of « Saint John» County Hospital from Suceava.
The 15th –the 18th of December- The opening of the Children’s Little Towns in the Center of the town and the Obcini, Burdujeni and Itcani headquarters; Over 1000 presents were offered from behalf of our organization.
The 23rd of December- Bacau- Our volunteers offered presents to the children from the pediatric section of the County Hospital from Bacau, as well as to the disabled people from the day care center « Miorita » in Parincea.

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